Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Getting a "Reaction"

Chris Catto of http://blog.chriscatto.com/ was asking about how to get a "reaction" on Technorati.

A reaction on Technorati is a blog giving a hyperlink to another blog. To some, this is known as link love, or even a link exchange. To get a reaction, just get someone to link to your blog, or any article on your blog.

Reactions are only reactions if they come from Technorati indexed blogs. If the link is less than 180 days old, then this also adds to the blogs "Authority". A linking blog may provide as many Reactions as it wishes, but only the last Reaction counts as an Authority vote.

Once you have a reaction to your blog, then the next time you post an entry to your blog and Technorati gets pinged and indexes you, then the reaction is converted into Authority.

1 comment:

Chris Catto said...

Hey Now Link Spider,
Thanks for the info, I posted a link to your blog.