Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Some Link Love

Link Love is when you provide on your site a link to another site.

To help increase my Technorati Authority, I am linking to blogs of strangers. I hope to have some of them link back to me.

Authority works by Technorati receiving automatic (or manual) pings when a person updates the content to their blog. Technorati spiders the site looking for new posts (well, actually I think it checks the RSS feed) and extracts links to any page of other blogs. An Authority vote only counts if a link exists or not, not to which page or how many links. Authority also checks the "freshness" of the last link and only counts for 180 days.

In return for more Authority your blog becomes higher in the Technorati search engine.

Here are the blogs I have picked to link to.

Everything and Anything ~ Abc's of fine design ~ Living well with diabetes ~ Mixing It Up Cash Buddy Cafe

My Single Mom Life//Twisted Psycho

My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings Lisa Reviews

The Reality of a Brat - The Reality of a Brat

Grab a drink and head on over to The Den of Iniquity! Raspberry Patch and recommendations on all things girly!

Fickle Food Shopping Blog Tiny Dog Blog All About Dogs Blog Mad Doll Doctor Doll & Teddy Repair Blog

magnusgrafex blogs:

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