Friday, September 14, 2007

Technorati on again, off again flagging

Technorati has a flagging policy I can't understand.

I created a blog sometime back called Poker Room Notes. My first post was in March of 2006, about 18 months ago. I'm a little embarrassed. The original purpose of the blog was to show how annoying online poker software was. So I would spend hours creating messages complete with custom graphics that detailed annoyances in the software. I develop software for a living and think that in general poker software has a lot of bad design issues. Initially, there was no advertising on the site. And later I expanded the site to talk about Atlantic City poker rooms.

Well, the Technorati spiders saw "poker" so they flagged the site for "spam." This sounds good now that I hear about it, but I don't email anyone about the site, so it is not a spam site. So what's a flagged person to do? Technorati will manually remove the flag when you ask them to. I did, and the site came into the index.

Well, it was indexed for five days or less, then reflagged. I've sent in a ticket to support and am waiting on a reply again. This re-flagging makes no sense. I'm waiting to hear the rationale behind it all.

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